SCAP Session 26

Game date: January 7th, 2010

The PCs began tracking down the duergar and found that he had fled through the double doors to the Underdark. They cautiously followed him a little more and found a pile of skulls near the entrance to a dark tunnel. A note was painted on the wall in blood, which the mimic later translated for them. “If you follow Splintershield into the Underdark, we’ll splinter you too.” They decided not to follow the duergar any further and went back to the treasure room.

There they went through the three treasure chests (one of which had a magical trap that Riell bypassed) and sorted through the treasure. Then they explored the dungeon further, finding some more empty prisoner cells, the kitchen, pantry, and some empty guest rooms. Declaring the dungeon clear, they decided to gather the treasure and head back to the surface. Rori also hired the mimic (now named Khantainur) to guard his treasure. While gathering the loot, they found a crumpled note on the floor. image to be added later

They hauled the treasure back up to Keygan’s shop, wearily emerging from the dungeon at about 2 in the morning. Keygan mentioned that they made the newspaper and handed them a copy of the Cauldron Echo.



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