SCAP Session 29

Game date: February 25th, 2010

The PCs descended the dark staircase from the bathhouse and began exploring the dungeon complex below. All was dark, but with a sunrod lit they saw a hallway leading left and right and two doorways across from the stairs. The walls were well-carved stone, but they were covered with graffiti written in chalk, blood, slime, excrement, and other less recognizable substances. Sounds of monstrous chatter and barking dogs could be heard off to the left.

The group carefully crossed the hall into a large room with numerous cots and four stone columns. More graffiti adorned this room, written in Goblin, and Reddur spotted a reference to the name “Drakthar” that he had seen in other graffiti in the city. Finding nothing of interest, they moved along into another room filled with crates and barrels with a birdcage symbol on them. Riell moved in to search the room, when suddenly she was attacked by two goblins that were hiding behind the doorway. Reinforcements quickly appeared on both sides of the PCs, and they found themselves in the middle of a filthy goblin sandwich.

Aion, Rori, and Reddur pushed through the room and entered a hallway with several openings into a larger, natural cavern. A conga line of goblins appeared down the hall, attacking with javelins, and Reddur returned fire. Riell stayed in the storage room and held the door closed against goblins attacking from the rear. Suddenly, loud howling could be heard from the cavern, and a goblin riding a worg burst into the fray. The goblin leapt off and began attacking with two swords, while the worg began biting and tripping anyone that was close to him. To make things even more interesting, another goblin appeared down the hall and cast Scorching Ray at Aion, but missed completely. Eventually the PCs managed to mow down the goblin and his worg, and then the goblins in the other room finally bashed down the door that Riell was holding.

Zoon put a few of the goblins to sleep, and Aion re-entered the column room and began cutting them to pieces as Reddur held off the goblins at the other side with his bow. Suddenly the door behind Reddur swung open and a goblin took a swipe at him with a sword. The session ended with the group knee-deep in goblin corpses and surrounded on three sides.



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