SCAP Session 30

Game date: March 4th, 2010

The goblin slaughter continued as the PCs mowed down goblins on all sides. Just when they were starting to feel confident though, a new threat appeared. A hideous squeaking sound echoed in from the cavern, followed by a wave of rats that poured into the room, crawling and gnashing their way across all surfaces. A chaotic battle ensued as more and more swarms of rats scrambled in, biting and nauseating the PCs. Rori tossed out some alchemist fire and burned some of the rats to a crisp, proving that there was a smell worse than dead goblins.

The group fought their way through the goblins in the column room and began to retreat from the rat swarms back to the stairway. Reddur and Zoon were at the back of the group, when Reddur noticed a bugbear step out of the shadows near the cavern. The bugbear simply stared at him, then Reddur turned and fired an arrow at Zoon, nearly killing him! Zoon shrieked and ran away towards the others. Rori promptly healed him, but Reddur followed and shot him again. The PCs moved up the stairs to the bathhouse and Aion covered the rear. The bugbear moved into view at the bottom of the stairs, and Riell turned to fire her bow at him. Without warning, Aion wheeled around and tripped her with his guisarme!

As Aion began politely attacking Riell, Rori tried to slow him down with a Hold Person spell, but failed. Reddur arrived, muttering about killing humans, and he and Aion began battling each other. Rori attempted to keep everyone alive with his area of effect healing, and the bugbear was nearby and let out a hiss of surprise, then began to retreat. Rori, Riell, and Zoon were left scratching their heads as Reddur and Aion continued to pummel each other at the bottom of the stairs.



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