SCAP Session 33

Game date: April 22nd, 2010

Zoon went to the Cathedral of Wee Jas and brought back a priest named Ike Iverson. Aion wanted nothing to do with a member of that church and made his feelings known to everyone. Ike examined Reddur and said he could fix them the next morning. Ike came back and cast Break Enchantment on Aion, Reddur, and Orak, which seemed to cure them. Zoon paid the priest who then departed gruffly. Reddur went to shop for replacement weapons.

The group then descended back into the goblin lair. They followed a blood trail to a room full of goblin corpses and a large headless statue. Reddur lopped off all the goblin ears and explored a dark room at the back, where he was attacked by four stirges. The PCs managed to kill the little buggers before they drained much blood.



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