SCAP Session 35

Game date: May 6th, 2010

After killing the goblins, the PCs searched the area for treasure. They mostly turned up mundane weapons and a few coins, plus a potion and a heavy stone cauldron that appeared to heat itself. Moving on, they began exploring a long natural cavern, when suddenly the area around Reddur went dark. Something attacked him in the darkness and tried to wrap around his head, but he pulled loose and backed out into the light. The creature followed and attacked Riell next. It looked a bit like a squid with stone skin and could fly. A flurry of blades and bows quickly exterminated it.

Creeping down the cavern, Riell spotted another one attached to the ceiling like a stalactite, and she and Reddur opened fire. The creature dropped down and managed to attack Aion before it was dispatched. Farther down the cavern, Reddur spotted a third creature and the assault began, but then it stalled when the creature cast Darkness at the end of the cavern and then never appeared. After fumbling around in the dark for some time, the group gave up and moved onward.

After checking out some empty rooms, they crept down the larger cavern and spotted a ledge, which Reddur noted looked like a perfect ambush spot. Sure enough, he was soon enveloped in a hail of javelins and crossbow bolts from both sides of the cavern.



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