SCAP Session 36

Game date: May 11th, 2010

The battle continued as one of the goblins cast a spell and then drank a potion and disappeared. Swords flashed and bolts, arrows, and javelins flew through the air in all directions. A bolt of flame launched at Rori but missed by several feet, and the invisible goblin reappeared. Rori returned fire with a Magic Missile, and Reddur pegged that goblin with two arrows, killing him.

Just then, a howling worg with a goblin rider scrabbled around the corner and charged into the middle of the melee. The rider leaped off and slashed at Reddur once before being sliced into ribbons by Riell. Aion squared off against the worg, which managed to bite into his leg and yank him to the ground. The worg got off one more nasty bite as Aion climbed to his feet before Riell crept in from the side and gutted it. In the meantime, Reddur picked off the goblins with crossbows up on the ledge, and Rori swatted the last goblin standing with his staff.

The PCs collected goblin ears and Riell explored the ledge. At the top she found a room with some bedding and a hallway leading to a rope bridge. Reddur tried to coax out the rat, but it stayed hidden in a crevice. Rori poked around the cavern and noticed a skeleton back in a narrow corner. It was wearing a rusty chain shirt and looked like a dwarf. It was also wearing a shiny amulet. Rori detected magic on the amulet and two potion bottles from the goblins.

The PCs decided the bridge looked risky and headed the other direction. They climbed a ladder to another ledge and found a few more rooms. One was full of crates and casks of perishable food that had a birdcage symbol on them. Reddur heard running water behind another door and opened it to find a large octagonal chamber with a basin. Inside were a human male and a tiefling female. Aion recognized the tiefling as a criminal that was exiled from Cauldron. After exchanging threats, the tiefling grabbed for her halberd and battle ensued. It was over quickly, and the tiefling lay bleeding to death and the human finally surrendered.



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