SCAP Session 37

Game date: May 27th, 2010

With the tiefling unconscious and the human relenting, the PCs began their interrogation. Rori reluctantly healed the tiefling to keep her from dying. The human revealed that his name was Chorlyndyr, but it took a lot of threats to get much other information out of him. He revealed that Drakthar is the bugbear they had encountered, and that he is in fact a vampire. Riell questioned him about the birdcage symbol on all the crates of food, and he said it belonged to an evil cult of demon worshipers in Cauldron. After more pressuring, he revealed that his boss (not Drakthar) is smuggling half-orc mercenaries into the city at the behest of this evil cult. Chorlyndyr refused to give his boss’ name, so the interrogation ended abruptly, and the group carried him and the tiefling upstairs and handed them over to Riell’s friends for further questioning.

After resting for the night in the bathhouse, the PCs returned to the caverns in search of Drakthar. Suddenly, all four of them became queasy and feverish and noticed that their bites from the rat swarm a few days ago looked red and infected. After searching around a bit, they decided to go see Jenya Urikas about this sickness from the rats. On their way up, they encountered several swarms of bats which swooped in and began attacking them. Seconds later, an enormous wolf came bounding around the corner and pounced on Rori, throwing him to the ground. Normal weapons seemed to do no damage to the wolf, so Aion figured this must be the vampire and bravely (foolishly?) charged in and tried to grapple him, unsuccessfully.

As the PCs tried to ward off the bats, the wolf closed in and grabbed Rori in his jaws. At that moment, Riell raised her silver dagger above her head and plunged it down deep into the wolf’s spine. The wolf collapsed and then mysteriously turned into a cloud of gas. The fog cloud drifted away as the PCs mopped up the remaining bats. Rori hit it with a Magic Missile, but it had no apparent effect on the cloud. Once the bat swarms were destroyed, the group decided to run away! Run away!



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