SCAP Session 38

Game date: June 3rd, 2010

As the gas cloud floated away, the PCs fled to the surface to heal up. They decided to see Jenya Urikas about curing their disease and then talk to the Lord Mayor about renegotiating their fee for killing a vampire in addition to the goblins. Rori determined that the disease was non-magical and could be fixed with a Cure Disease spell. Unfortunately, Jenya did not have enough spells prepared to cure everyone, and the church’s potions were very expensive. The PCs headed off to Town Hall to try to convince the Lord Mayor to foot the bill.

The Lord Mayor, Terseon Skellerang, and Lord Vhalantru assembled to discuss the goblin problem. They explained that the goblins were being lead by a vampire, which the city leaders were skeptical about. They agreed to pay another 5000 gold for killing the vampire, but the Lord Mayor refused to advance them any extra money for healing and weapons. Lord Vhalantru offered 600 gold out of his own pocket as a loan to cover the healing, which they accepted.

The PCs went shopping at the local weaponsmiths for any silver weapons they could find. After resting for the night, they visited Jenya and paid to have everyone cured of the disease. Reddur also bought some holy water from the church. With their new weapons in hand, the PCs dove into the dungeon again. They found a goblin guard on a ledge, and Riell tried to sneak up on him from behind. Unfortunately she slipped on some loose rock while scaling a wall, and the noise alerted the guard. A short battle ensued, and the goblin was finished.



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