SCAP Session 39

Game date: June 17th, 2010

Moving deeper into the cavern, the PCs found stone steps leading up to a room and a tall ledge. Two goblins on the ledge with crossbows opened fire on Reddur. The group returned fire, but it was difficult to hit the goblins crouched on top of the ledge. Rori headed up the stairs and found a small room with a goblin and two lizards. The goblin began casting a spell, but Aion tossed an axe at it and Rori followed up with a Magic Missile, and they broke his concentration. Without warning, the two lizards began to crackle with electricity and launched a bolt of electricity at Aion. As Reddur and Riell exchanged fire with the goblins and eventually killed them, Aion finally slashed the lizards to pieces (getting shocked several more times in the process) and the remaining goblin ran away.

The PCs pursued the goblin and entered a room with more crossbow-wielding goblins on the other side of a deep crevice. The invisible spellcasting goblin unleashed a cone of flame as the PCs moved around the crevice, drawing the ire of Reddur and Aion. A few rounds later, all the goblins lay dead and their ears were collected.

Reddur and Aion crept around the corner and noticed a terrible smell. Reddur peeked around the corner and spotted their bugbear foe seated in a throne of skin and bones, holding a shield with human, elf, and dwarf hands and tongues nailed to it. After exchanging pleasantries, Reddur took aim with a fire arrow. Several more attacks seemed to bounce off the bugbear’s tough skin, and he stood up and laughed. “Now the fun begins.” He gazed intently at Aion, and Aion began to back away. The throne of skin and bones sprouted skeletal arms and legs and arose. Before the group could react, a cloud of fog billowed out from the center of the room, filling it and blocking all sight.

The PCs backed out of the room, and Reddur lobbed holy water at the throne, which seemed to be an undead creature of some sort. Reddur could hear the sound of bat swarms flapping around in the foggy room as well. Aion decided that more holy water was needed, and took off down a corridor and out of sight. The bat swarms poured into the hallway and began biting the party. Rori used his mass healing to keep everyone on their feet, and simultaneously dealt out damage to the vampire and his throne. Reddur managed to finish off the throne with a hefty slash of his handaxe.

Unfortunately, killing the throne seemed to have no effect on the vampire, who stepped out of the fog and slammed Riell with his forearm. Riell felt some of her energy drained by the contact, in addition to the damage from the blow. They could see that the vampire was getting worn down, but he also kept healing a bit each round. Running out of options, Rori desperately leaped forward and touched the vampire with a heal spell, severely injuring him. He howled in pain and then lashed out at Rori, draining his energy with another slam. The PCs decided it was a losing battle and prepared to retreat, when the vampire smashed Rori to the floor, leaving him unconscious and bleeding. He looked down at Rori’s broken body, laughed, then turned to gas and floated off into the fog-filled room. Reddur quickly saved him with a healing potion, and the three of them ran for the bathhouse.



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