SCAP Session 40

Game date: July 1st, 2010

After retreating to the bathhouse and catching their breath, the PCs asked Orak about Aion’s whereabouts. Orak told them that Aion had come through recently and said that he needed to go buy holy water. The group decided to head to the Church of St Cuthbert and talk to Jenya Urikas to find out whether she had seen Aion and to get some healing. Jenya told them that Aion had come by, decided the holy water was too expensive, and promptly left. She looked over the group and fixed the energy drain that Riell and Rori had suffered with Restoration spells. The PCs also bought some holy water and Jenya gave them some additional healing.

The PCs then stopped by Weer’s Elixirs to have some potions and an amulet identified. From there, they went to Town Hall to talk to Lord Vhalantru about their progress so far. They told him about Aion’s disappearance, and Vhalantru offered to have the city guards keep an eye out for him. Vhalantru suggested that they talk to an adventurer friend of his, who is staying at the Drunken Morkoth Inn, about adding another able body to their party. He explained that he used to be the patron of this fellow’s adventuring party, and then he offered to be the PC’s patron as well. The PCs were somewhat reluctant and confused. Vhalantru explained that he would provide money and support as needed in exchange for recognition (especially mentioning him in the newspaper) and adventuring stories. The group agreed with some apprehension.

The gang headed back to Rori’s apartment to rest. They also realized that some of the items they had taken from the human and tiefling mercenaries were magical. They dropped those off at Weer’s to be identified too, and picked up the other items, which turned out to be an Amulet of Natural Armor +1, a Potion of Cure Light Wounds, and a Potion of Invisibility. Then they returned to Rori’s place to sleep, Riell went to check with her superiors about Lord Vhalantru’s patronage.



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