SCAP Session 42

Game date: July 27th, 2010

After stabilizing Zoon and Orak, the PCs gave chase to the now-gaseous vampire. Riell popped open the iron door to the dungeon and they raced down the steps, only to find a large pile of crates, barrels, cots, and other junk blocking their path. It took several rounds to shove everything out of the way so they could squeeze though, and the gas cloud slipped away out of sight. Reddur and Sigefrid raced after it and spotted it going over the ledge that led to the rope bridge. They scrambled up the ledge and Sigefrid ran across the bridge, then quickly slipped. He grabbed onto the rope with one hand, tried to pull himself back up, and then plunged into the dark chasm below.

Reddur’s ignored Sigefrid’s plummet and sprinted across the bridge and around the corner after the cloud. Sigefrid brushed himself off from the fall and rounded the corner and met up with Riell and Rori. The three of them ran up the stairs to the lair of the shocking lizards (still dead) and met up with Reddur at the entrance to the vampire’s throne room. The room was once again filled with fog, blocking all sight. Reddur charged through the fog first, crossed the room, and found a ladder down into another cavern. As he descended the ladder, a dire bat swooped down and tried to bit him.

The rest of the party followed him through the fog, and as Rori took aim at the bat, a hidden goblin ambushed them from behind with Burning Hands. The goblin managed to get one more spell off before Riell and Sigefrid chopped him to pieces, and then Rori was nice enough to heal him back up. Sigefrid turned back and finished the goblin off for good. Meanwhile, Reddur continued his pursuit of the cloud across the cavern and up another ladder to a ledge covered in treasure, while being attacked by the dire bat the whole time. After being peppered with multiple arrows and Magic Missiles, the bat finally suffered a fatal shot from Reddur and fell to the floor.



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