SCAP Session 43

Game date: August 2nd, 2010

With the dire bat defeated, the party assembled in the treasure-laden room and searched for where the vampire had gone. Reddur and Riell spotted a loose 5’x5’ tile in the middle of the stone floor and started prying it up. Underneath they found the vampire in his bugbear form lying in a depression in the earth, arms folded, seemingly asleep. Riell took a wooden stake and hammer, said a curse in elvish, and drove the stake into the vampire’s chest. Its eyes flew open, and it let out a horrible shriek and clawed at the stake, then fell still. Sigefrid happily cut the head off with his longsword and tossed it into his backpack, and Reddur rolled the body up in a blanket. Then the looting began.

The PCs gathered up all the treasure and the body and carried them back to the bathhouse. They sent a message to the Lord Mayor, and the High Captain Terseon Skellerang arrived shortly to see the vampire. The PCs dragged the vampire’s body and head outside into the sunlight, and they promptly turned to ash to the satisfaction of everyone watching. The High Captain left to report to the mayor and bid them all to come to Town Hall the next day.

Riell headed to the Church of St Cuthbert and got patched up from her last contact with the vampire. Jenya Urikas also looked over Zoon and Orak and said she could heal them the next day. Jenya seemed a bit distraught but said it was only stress and lack of sleep. The next morning the PCs headed to Town Hall where the Lord Mayor thanked them and paid them 5,000 gold for eliminating the vampire menace. At noon, they headed to Weer’s Elixirs to retrieve their latest batch of magical items, which turned out to be a Quiver of Ehlonna, a Quaal’s Feather Token (bird), and a Necklace of Fireballs.



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