Keygan Ghelve

Owner of Ghelve's Locks


Keygan is a locksmith and owner of Ghelve’s Locks on Lava Avenue. He appears to be a middle-aged gnome with a dour expression. When seen in his shop, he is as tall as a human, but he was spotted running errands and was more gnome-sized. The PCs discovered that he wears stilts while working in his shop.

Questioning him about the disappearances around Cauldron, they found out that the kidnappers emerged from an old gnomish enclave below his shop called Jzadirune. The creatures kidnapped his familiar, Starbrow, and forced him to make keys to his locks around town. The PCs rescued Starbrow and returned him in exchange for a reward of 500 gold pieces.

Keygan Ghelve

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