Atypical Elven Ranger. (not a typo)


Reddur is kind of unique being one of the clumsiest elves know to have survived childhood in the forest. It doesn’t help that he’s gullible enough to believe just about any story put forward by anyone he thinks he recognizes.

“Hey Reddur, go look under the stage” . Thud! . “ohh, sorry about that.”

His chaotic nature also tends to cause him to lead where others fear to tread.

“Ok, lets rest here for a while and heal up while . . .umm, Has anyone seen Reddur?”

Grandchild of a Were-Panther, Reddur keeps hoping that some day, he too shall grow a tail. So if you see him looking at himself strangely in a mirror, just roll with it.


Expeeze-online Reddur