SCAP Session 38
Game date: June 3rd, 2010

As the gas cloud floated away, the PCs fled to the surface to heal up. They decided to see Jenya Urikas about curing their disease and then talk to the Lord Mayor about renegotiating their fee for killing a vampire in addition to the goblins. Rori determined that the disease was non-magical and could be fixed with a Cure Disease spell. Unfortunately, Jenya did not have enough spells prepared to cure everyone, and the church’s potions were very expensive. The PCs headed off to Town Hall to try to convince the Lord Mayor to foot the bill.

The Lord Mayor, Terseon Skellerang, and Lord Vhalantru assembled to discuss the goblin problem. They explained that the goblins were being lead by a vampire, which the city leaders were skeptical about. They agreed to pay another 5000 gold for killing the vampire, but the Lord Mayor refused to advance them any extra money for healing and weapons. Lord Vhalantru offered 600 gold out of his own pocket as a loan to cover the healing, which they accepted.

The PCs went shopping at the local weaponsmiths for any silver weapons they could find. After resting for the night, they visited Jenya and paid to have everyone cured of the disease. Reddur also bought some holy water from the church. With their new weapons in hand, the PCs dove into the dungeon again. They found a goblin guard on a ledge, and Riell tried to sneak up on him from behind. Unfortunately she slipped on some loose rock while scaling a wall, and the noise alerted the guard. A short battle ensued, and the goblin was finished.

SCAP Session 37
Game date: May 27th, 2010

With the tiefling unconscious and the human relenting, the PCs began their interrogation. Rori reluctantly healed the tiefling to keep her from dying. The human revealed that his name was Chorlyndyr, but it took a lot of threats to get much other information out of him. He revealed that Drakthar is the bugbear they had encountered, and that he is in fact a vampire. Riell questioned him about the birdcage symbol on all the crates of food, and he said it belonged to an evil cult of demon worshipers in Cauldron. After more pressuring, he revealed that his boss (not Drakthar) is smuggling half-orc mercenaries into the city at the behest of this evil cult. Chorlyndyr refused to give his boss’ name, so the interrogation ended abruptly, and the group carried him and the tiefling upstairs and handed them over to Riell’s friends for further questioning.

After resting for the night in the bathhouse, the PCs returned to the caverns in search of Drakthar. Suddenly, all four of them became queasy and feverish and noticed that their bites from the rat swarm a few days ago looked red and infected. After searching around a bit, they decided to go see Jenya Urikas about this sickness from the rats. On their way up, they encountered several swarms of bats which swooped in and began attacking them. Seconds later, an enormous wolf came bounding around the corner and pounced on Rori, throwing him to the ground. Normal weapons seemed to do no damage to the wolf, so Aion figured this must be the vampire and bravely (foolishly?) charged in and tried to grapple him, unsuccessfully.

As the PCs tried to ward off the bats, the wolf closed in and grabbed Rori in his jaws. At that moment, Riell raised her silver dagger above her head and plunged it down deep into the wolf’s spine. The wolf collapsed and then mysteriously turned into a cloud of gas. The fog cloud drifted away as the PCs mopped up the remaining bats. Rori hit it with a Magic Missile, but it had no apparent effect on the cloud. Once the bat swarms were destroyed, the group decided to run away! Run away!

SCAP Session 36
Game date: May 11th, 2010

The battle continued as one of the goblins cast a spell and then drank a potion and disappeared. Swords flashed and bolts, arrows, and javelins flew through the air in all directions. A bolt of flame launched at Rori but missed by several feet, and the invisible goblin reappeared. Rori returned fire with a Magic Missile, and Reddur pegged that goblin with two arrows, killing him.

Just then, a howling worg with a goblin rider scrabbled around the corner and charged into the middle of the melee. The rider leaped off and slashed at Reddur once before being sliced into ribbons by Riell. Aion squared off against the worg, which managed to bite into his leg and yank him to the ground. The worg got off one more nasty bite as Aion climbed to his feet before Riell crept in from the side and gutted it. In the meantime, Reddur picked off the goblins with crossbows up on the ledge, and Rori swatted the last goblin standing with his staff.

The PCs collected goblin ears and Riell explored the ledge. At the top she found a room with some bedding and a hallway leading to a rope bridge. Reddur tried to coax out the rat, but it stayed hidden in a crevice. Rori poked around the cavern and noticed a skeleton back in a narrow corner. It was wearing a rusty chain shirt and looked like a dwarf. It was also wearing a shiny amulet. Rori detected magic on the amulet and two potion bottles from the goblins.

The PCs decided the bridge looked risky and headed the other direction. They climbed a ladder to another ledge and found a few more rooms. One was full of crates and casks of perishable food that had a birdcage symbol on them. Reddur heard running water behind another door and opened it to find a large octagonal chamber with a basin. Inside were a human male and a tiefling female. Aion recognized the tiefling as a criminal that was exiled from Cauldron. After exchanging threats, the tiefling grabbed for her halberd and battle ensued. It was over quickly, and the tiefling lay bleeding to death and the human finally surrendered.

SCAP Session 35
Game date: May 6th, 2010

After killing the goblins, the PCs searched the area for treasure. They mostly turned up mundane weapons and a few coins, plus a potion and a heavy stone cauldron that appeared to heat itself. Moving on, they began exploring a long natural cavern, when suddenly the area around Reddur went dark. Something attacked him in the darkness and tried to wrap around his head, but he pulled loose and backed out into the light. The creature followed and attacked Riell next. It looked a bit like a squid with stone skin and could fly. A flurry of blades and bows quickly exterminated it.

Creeping down the cavern, Riell spotted another one attached to the ceiling like a stalactite, and she and Reddur opened fire. The creature dropped down and managed to attack Aion before it was dispatched. Farther down the cavern, Reddur spotted a third creature and the assault began, but then it stalled when the creature cast Darkness at the end of the cavern and then never appeared. After fumbling around in the dark for some time, the group gave up and moved onward.

After checking out some empty rooms, they crept down the larger cavern and spotted a ledge, which Reddur noted looked like a perfect ambush spot. Sure enough, he was soon enveloped in a hail of javelins and crossbow bolts from both sides of the cavern.

SCAP Session 34
Game date: April 29th, 2010

Aion, Reddur, and Rori continued to explore the goblin’s lair with zombie Riell following along. Reddur moved up a long hallway and spotted a tripwire, which the group carefully avoided. They moved into a filthy chamber with crude pallets for sleeping and heaps of trash. Reddur crept further into the room and then dodged a sudden javelin attack. The PCs quickly mowed down four goblins and searched the room for treasure, of which they found little. Reddur removed their ears and added them to his collection.

Reddur led the group further up the hallway where they found a large stone dwarven head. A door on the right opened into a room with a basin with water pouring out of the mouth of a dwarven face carved into the wall. As he moved into the room for a closer look, a crossbow bolt grazed Reddur’s side. Aion rushed in and chopped the goblin ambusher down with a single swing of his axe. Moving along cautiously, Reddur was again surprised by another goblin sneak attack. Suddenly yet another goblin emerged at the end of the hall and cast Scorching Ray on Reddur, nearly burning him to a crisp.

Rori moved up to help Reddur, putting them both in prime position for another sneak attack. A fourth goblin leaped around a corner and cast Burning Hands on them, scorching Rori and dropping Reddur. Meanwhile, Aion moved through a series of doors and emerged behind the goblin that had cast Scorching Ray on Reddur. Aion’s axe cleaved through the goblin before he knew what happened. The battle in the hallway continued with Aion throwing axes as Rori tried to dodge attacks and heal Reddur. Rori dodged a Scorching Ray spell and then leveled the sword-wielding goblin with his staff. Aion chased after the spellslinger through another series of doors.

In the last room they found a bubbling cauldron, but no goblin. Reddur moved in and swung his bow around, which bounced off of something to his left. The invisible goblin suddenly became visible again as he attacked Reddur with a shortspear. A few axe swings and arrows later, that goblin finally lay dead too.

SCAP Session 33
Game date: April 22nd, 2010

Zoon went to the Cathedral of Wee Jas and brought back a priest named Ike Iverson. Aion wanted nothing to do with a member of that church and made his feelings known to everyone. Ike examined Reddur and said he could fix them the next morning. Ike came back and cast Break Enchantment on Aion, Reddur, and Orak, which seemed to cure them. Zoon paid the priest who then departed gruffly. Reddur went to shop for replacement weapons.

The group then descended back into the goblin lair. They followed a blood trail to a room full of goblin corpses and a large headless statue. Reddur lopped off all the goblin ears and explored a dark room at the back, where he was attacked by four stirges. The PCs managed to kill the little buggers before they drained much blood.

SCAP Session 32
Game date: March 18th, 2010

As Aion tried to climb to his feet, Riell responded with a quick slice of her rapier. Zoon tried to zap him with the Wand of Sleep again, but Aion shrugged it off and moved into the changing room with the unconscious dwarf, searching for a weapon. Riell cornered Aion and convinced him to quit fighting and let Rori tie him up. Zoon went to Keygan Ghelve’s shop and returned with a pair of manacles which they put on Aion.

At around 3 am, the group decided to finally get some sleep, and Rori secured the bathhouse before turning in. Late in the morning, the sleepers awoke, including Reddur and Orak Stonehaven, who had been unconscious. Reddur slipped out of his bonds and ran for the front door, which was locked. He began grappling with Riell and Rori until Riell knocked him out again with her sap.

At that point, Zoon returned with Jenya Urikas in tow. She looked over Aion and Reddur but couldn’t pinpoint what spell they were under. She returned to the Church and used their holy mace to cast Divination and ask St. Cuthbert for guidance. The reply she received was, “Continue to grow in your faith, and you will have the power to break their enchantment.” She suggested going to the Cathedral of Wee Jas because they might have some clerics powerful enough to end the spell. No one was thrilled with that idea.

Rori tried commanding Aion to be “friendly”. It seemed to work, and Aion calmed down and cooperated, but Rori was still suspicious. Jenya offered to return in the morning and cast Dispel Magic on them, but she was doubtful that it would work. The PCs continued to mull over their options.

SCAP Session 31
Game date: March 11th, 2010

Aion and Reddur continued to duke it out at the bottom of the stairs as Rori struggled with how to put a stop to it. Zoon helped out by casting Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Reddur, and then Aion seized the opportunity to impale the laughing Reddur, nearly killing him. Rori jumped in and grappled the laughing elf, and Aion decided to move up the stairs and go after Riell instead. Riell locked the iron door and retreated upstairs as Aion chopped away at the door.

Meanwhile, the two remaining rat swarms moved in and began chewing on the laughing Reddur and moving up the stairs. Rori responded with alchemist fire, Zoon cast Daze and used a Wand of Sleep on the rats, and Aion bludgeoned them with his polearm. After a long struggle, they eventually beat the rats to a pulp. Zoon turned the wand on Aion and put him to sleep as well. Rori dragged Aion and Reddur upstairs and tied them together while Zoon went outside and found Riell.

They stripped all weapons from Aion and Reddur, and then Rori healed Reddur slightly until he woke up. The two tussled and Reddur pulled a hand free and tried to strangle Aion, and Aion tried to bite him in return. Rori poured a tanglefoot bag over them both, but eventually Aion snapped the rope and broke free. Zoon raised his wand and aimed at Aion again…

SCAP Session 30
Game date: March 4th, 2010

The goblin slaughter continued as the PCs mowed down goblins on all sides. Just when they were starting to feel confident though, a new threat appeared. A hideous squeaking sound echoed in from the cavern, followed by a wave of rats that poured into the room, crawling and gnashing their way across all surfaces. A chaotic battle ensued as more and more swarms of rats scrambled in, biting and nauseating the PCs. Rori tossed out some alchemist fire and burned some of the rats to a crisp, proving that there was a smell worse than dead goblins.

The group fought their way through the goblins in the column room and began to retreat from the rat swarms back to the stairway. Reddur and Zoon were at the back of the group, when Reddur noticed a bugbear step out of the shadows near the cavern. The bugbear simply stared at him, then Reddur turned and fired an arrow at Zoon, nearly killing him! Zoon shrieked and ran away towards the others. Rori promptly healed him, but Reddur followed and shot him again. The PCs moved up the stairs to the bathhouse and Aion covered the rear. The bugbear moved into view at the bottom of the stairs, and Riell turned to fire her bow at him. Without warning, Aion wheeled around and tripped her with his guisarme!

As Aion began politely attacking Riell, Rori tried to slow him down with a Hold Person spell, but failed. Reddur arrived, muttering about killing humans, and he and Aion began battling each other. Rori attempted to keep everyone alive with his area of effect healing, and the bugbear was nearby and let out a hiss of surprise, then began to retreat. Rori, Riell, and Zoon were left scratching their heads as Reddur and Aion continued to pummel each other at the bottom of the stairs.

SCAP Session 29
Game date: February 25th, 2010

The PCs descended the dark staircase from the bathhouse and began exploring the dungeon complex below. All was dark, but with a sunrod lit they saw a hallway leading left and right and two doorways across from the stairs. The walls were well-carved stone, but they were covered with graffiti written in chalk, blood, slime, excrement, and other less recognizable substances. Sounds of monstrous chatter and barking dogs could be heard off to the left.

The group carefully crossed the hall into a large room with numerous cots and four stone columns. More graffiti adorned this room, written in Goblin, and Reddur spotted a reference to the name “Drakthar” that he had seen in other graffiti in the city. Finding nothing of interest, they moved along into another room filled with crates and barrels with a birdcage symbol on them. Riell moved in to search the room, when suddenly she was attacked by two goblins that were hiding behind the doorway. Reinforcements quickly appeared on both sides of the PCs, and they found themselves in the middle of a filthy goblin sandwich.

Aion, Rori, and Reddur pushed through the room and entered a hallway with several openings into a larger, natural cavern. A conga line of goblins appeared down the hall, attacking with javelins, and Reddur returned fire. Riell stayed in the storage room and held the door closed against goblins attacking from the rear. Suddenly, loud howling could be heard from the cavern, and a goblin riding a worg burst into the fray. The goblin leapt off and began attacking with two swords, while the worg began biting and tripping anyone that was close to him. To make things even more interesting, another goblin appeared down the hall and cast Scorching Ray at Aion, but missed completely. Eventually the PCs managed to mow down the goblin and his worg, and then the goblins in the other room finally bashed down the door that Riell was holding.

Zoon put a few of the goblins to sleep, and Aion re-entered the column room and began cutting them to pieces as Reddur held off the goblins at the other side with his bow. Suddenly the door behind Reddur swung open and a goblin took a swipe at him with a sword. The session ended with the group knee-deep in goblin corpses and surrounded on three sides.


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