Character Creation

Ability Scores: Roll 4d6, re-roll 1s, drop lowest, six times.

Races: Standard PHB races.

Classes: Select from the standard PHB classes (I don’t have many of the extra splat books and don’t want to deal with any balance problems from other classes). Characters will begin at 1st level, using PHB rules for wealth generation.

  • Barbarian, Druid and Ranger: The focus of the campaign will not be on the wilderness. While each of the classes will have their moments to shine, don’t spend too many character resources emphasizing wilderness abilities. A barbarian should emphasize the climb, intimidate, jump and listen skills. A ranger should emphasize animals, dragons, humans, goblins, orcs and evil outsiders as their favored enemies.
  • Cleric and Paladin: Worshipers of Fharlanghn, Garl Glittergold, Kord, Moradin, Olidammara, Pelor, St. Cuthbert, Wee Jas and Yondalla will have an advantage in the campaign; there are churches and support structures already outlined in the campaign adventures. Additionally, battling undead will not be a focus of the campaign (though they do appear occasionally). Don’t focus feats on abilities to affect undead; consider alternate uses for your channeling abilities.
  • Wizard (and other item crafters): Down time may be limited in the campaign, especially in later sections. Sorcerer is probably a better choice for a spell-slinging class.
  • Prestige Classes: Allowed, but run it past me first.
  • Multiclassing: Allowed.

Alignment: choose any non-evil alignment; if you are non-good, provide some background or rationale for your character to cooperate with the other PCs.

Region: Characters should be from Cauldron or the surrounding area, unless you have a good backstory as to why you have traveled here.

Local Hero Traits: Characters who have an origin from the Cauldron region will receive a free trait, chosen from the list below.

Character Creation

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