Regional Background

Cauldron region

Towns and Villages

Cauldron (small city)
  • Population: 7,500 adults
  • Authority figures: Lord Mayor Severn Navalant (male human); the Mayor’s office has been held by the Navalant family for 200 years; Severen is well liked by the populace
  • Mixed population, with significant halfling and gnome communities, although all races are present
  • Town emblem: a watchful eye wreathed in flames
Hollowsky (village)
  • Population: 460 adults
  • Economy: brewing, plantation farming
  • East of Cauldron
Kingfisher Hollow (large town)
  • Population: 2,100 adults
  • Economy: plantation farming, exotic wood
  • Northeast of Cauldron
Redgorge (village)
  • Population: 600 adults
  • Economy: farming and mining
  • South of Cauldron
Sasserine (large city)
  • Population: 22,000 adults
  • Coastal city on Jeklea Bay
  • North of Cauldron, 2-3 days travel
Gradsul (large town)
  • northwest of Cauldron, about 7 days travel

Sites of Interest

Demonskar – Deep in the jungle there is a crater where a great city once stood. It is reported to be infested by demons to this day.

Haunted Village – This is a ruined settlement in the foothills south of Cauldron. It is rumored to be haunted by powerful undead.

Jarl Khurok’s Keep – Years ago, a powerful frost giant, Jarl Khurok, united all of the ogre and giant tribes in the region far southeast of Cauldron. A band of adventurers assassinated him; no one knows what lurks in the abandoned keep.

Lair of Hookface – Somewhere to the far north of Cauldron lays the lair of a great dragon. He hasn’t stirred in about a century, and everyone is happy with leaving the place alone.

Lucky Monkey – This is a roadhouse on the way to Sasserine. It has a chapel to Fharlanghn, which is occasionally visited by a wandering cleric. It lies to the northwest of Cauldron

Reported Wilderness Encounters

Mountains: Apes, Giant birds, Giants, Ogres, Orcs
Lowlands: Dinosaurs, Dragons, Giant insects, Giants, Lions
Jungle: Demons, Dire animals, Gnolls, Tigers, Undead

Regional Background

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