SCAP Session 21

Game date: October 22nd, 2009

With their new-found gold burning holes in their coin purses, the PCs went on shopping trips and ran errands around town. Rori decided to search for more info on the family name Kharatys to look for clues to the importance of the orphan Terrem. His efforts to join the Bluecrater Academy and use their library were rebuffed, but the clerk at Town Hall was more helpful. Still the search only turned up two documents: a record of Terrem’s admission to the orphanage 9 years ago and registration for a hauler named Alarik Terrem Kharatys from 12 years prior.

Later in the day, Riell met with her guild contact and came back with some information from their interrogation of the dwarf-troll(!). He had come up from the Underdark about a year ago and took over the Malachite Fortress and started his slave trade. He was in league with another slaver in Kingfisher Hollow, a small town east of Cauldron, but refused to give his name. He had never seen the beholder before and didn’t know why anyone would want the boy. Riell also found out that the guild had been hired by someone with deep pockets to keep an eye on Terrem, but they wouldn’t explain why.

One of the rescued prisoners, Maple, returned to the shop ready to help rescue the others. When she heard that they had been carried off to the Underdark, she resigned herself that they were lost for good. The group discussed with Keygan Ghelve ways to barricade the door from his shop to Jzadirune and the Underdark below. Also, a messenger from the Lord Mayor stopped by and delivered an invitation for the group to meet him at the Town Hall the day after next.

[DM note: I seem to have lost my chat transcript from this session, so this was all typed based on memory. If you have any corrections or other details to add, please use the comments section at the top of this post. Thanks!]



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