SCAP Session 22

Game date: November 5th, 2009

The session began as the PCs arrived at Town Hall to meet with the Lord Mayor Severen Navalant. They were ushered into the Council Chamber by another noble, Lord Vhalantru, and also seated inside were Jenya Urikas, High Captain Terseon Skellerang, and Sergeant Redgreaves. The Lord Mayor thanked the group for rescuing the orphans and asked to hear more about their heroic adventure.

At this point the meeting took an unexpected turn for everyone as Rori launched into an intensive line of questioning directed at the mayor regarding Terrem Kharatys. In an elaborate tale of a beholder and much daring (with himself as the hero), Rori explained how they rescued the orphans and saved the city. The rest of the group looked on with amused bewilderment.

After the grand tale was finished, the High Captain spoke up and asked the group for help with another problem. Bands of goblins have been terrorizing the city, and the town guard would like their help finding and eradicating them. The city offered a bounty of 5 gp per goblin ear recovered, and after insulting the Lord Mayor a bit, the PCs negotiated an additional 500 gp for finding their lair. Finally, the Lord Mayor thanked them again for their help and Lord Vhalantru escorted them out.

Outside the Town Hall, Rori was accosted by a reporter for the local paper, the Cauldron Echo. A young half-elf named Zeke Tarnstrom questioned Rori about their rescue of the orphans while the rest of the group headed the other way. Zeke also revealed that he had gotten the rumor about Terrem being the mayor’s bastard son from one of his sources – a halfling that frequents the Tipped Tankard inn.

The group met up and discussed what to do next. They decided to head back into Jzadirune to look for any remaining treasure and traces of goblins. As they explored new areas of the gnomish enclave, they found some empty rooms, abandoned armor, and another tilting pit trap! Reddur fell into the trap but escaped serious injury, and the rest of the group quickly pulled him to safety.


We learned two things today, the most important is the mayor knows something about Terrem, more than he’s willing to discuss. Even after being an idiot, Rori couldn’t pry any information out of the mayor.

Secondary, we might have a contact to follow-up with next session to find more about Terrem. At the Tipped Tankard, there’s a male halfling that might know something. We don’t have a name or further description.

SCAP Session 22

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